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It’s an all too familiar story...

She was beautiful, energetic and possessed an engaging personality.  She had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person in the room.  She had a huge heart, loved animals and everyone she met was an instant friend.  If you were in trouble, she would move Heaven and Earth to help you out, and she believed in Love.

Who can say why these are always the descriptions you hear as a tragic story unfolds?  Somehow, these beautiful young women become involved with people who see their good nature and generous personalities as a weakness – making them easy targets!  These people discover it is easy to make these young women believe that “THEY” are to blame for any problems within the relationship.  It is all too easy to take advantage of someone who believes the best in everyone, who believes the fault is theirs, and who wants to do what ever they can to “make things work.”

was one of these girls: a girl with the giant heart who saw the good in people not knowing any danger. 

Rachael believed all people were good.  She did her best to help others see their potential and make them better people by nurturing them and building them up. 


Unfortunately, the last man she chose to help. would be her demise. 

Rachael was in a wonderful place in her life and growing into a mature, responsible adult. She was going back to school, making plans for her life and re-connecting with her family and friends. 

Losing control of Rachael must have been a blow to the boyfriend who had spent five months trying to control her every move.  On November 27, 2018, after what appeared to be another one of his “Make-up to break-up” routines – Rachael went to his house to give him a hug and see if she “could make it work.”  Not ten minutes after their greeting, Rachael lay in the street bleeding, her boyfriend had fired three close-range shots at her with the 22-caliber rifle he had brought outside to confront her.  Two of those shots struck Rachael in the abdomen - causing fatal damage.     


During the first hour of 28 November 2018


The fatal shots took their final toll, and Rachael Jane Wierzbicki lost her hold on life and slipped into the arms of God, where she will now feel the Love she so richly deserved – forever. 

On October 7, 2021, the nightmare resurfaced its ugly face and we suffered another devastating blow.  After a grueling 8-day trial, Rachael, the victim who had no voice, was the one put on trial by the Defense. The testimony of her killer was that he was “afraid for his life” while “meal prepping,” “watching a Sabres game,” and texting and joking with friends. (Doesn’t sound like someone “afraid” for his life.)  After the killer commented in a text that she could come over, he texted his friend that he was “loading his .22.”  When she arrived, he came out of the house with the loaded weapon.  After exchange of some words, Rachael, unarmed, retreated to her car and on the way kicked his car (it was confirmed no damage was done to his car). At this time, the killer proceeded to shoot her at close range, less than 10-feet away in front of 2 eye witnesses that confirmed she was simply standing there "not charging" him as he told the jury. There were 3 casings found at the scene with one fatal bullet penetrating the right side of my daughter's abdomen. “Protecting his property” was another of the killer’s excuses to justify shooting my daughter. The killer also stated he “did not know that a .22 caliber could kill someone.”  The jury believed the killer's lies and manipulation over the facts of the eye witnesses, expert witnesses, medical examiner, and police force. The jury was instructed by the Judge that they could disregard any testimony that would benefit the person giving the testimony. The killer had everything to gain by lying. In an interview with the Buffalo News after the trial, one juror exclaimed “he was mostly believable.” The Justice system and jury failed Rachael and all of us. The jury, who clearly did not comprehend nor understand the law, has allowed a killer to walk which sets a precedence in future cases that you can kill someone with absolutely no accountability or consequences.  The killer had full control of the situation and wanted to exude his power and control over my daughter as he continually did throughout the relationship.   


Isaiah 33:22 For the Lord is our judge; the Lord is our lawgiver.


Rachael’s family and friends will, in her honor, continue to work through the devastation that Domestic Violence always leaves behind, and help alleviate some of the pain and suffering victims must recover from.   As for the jury, they are stark reminders of the ignorance surrounding the law, Domestic Violence, the bias against woman in these positions and the need for more people to rise in support of the victims, and raise their voice against Domestic Violence. 


A Civil Case is underway.

You are not alone and deserve a healthy relationship. We can help you build a future without fear. 

Make a difference in the lives of those in need.. Please consider supporting individuals and families through The Rachel Warrior Foundation. 

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