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Turning Tears Into Bubbles

Your Dollars at Work

   What is a Bubble?   

Food, clothing, personal supplies, and resources for the children of domestic violence victims and survivors

Emergency shelter that is safe and secure for victims of domestic violence and their children

Medical funds for survivors who could not afford cosmetic/reconstructive surgery to repair injuries caused by their abuser

Bubbles are special to us at Rachael Warrior Foundation; They are one of the ways we remember Rachael. When asked about our favorite “Rachael Stories”; we think about a trip to Disney World where Rachael bought an electric bubble blower. Whenever she saw children, she would start spraying bubbles all around them. This simple act brought laughter and joy. Our “bubbles” bring hope, light, and support to victims of domestic violence and their families.


There are a number of government organizations and programs for domestic violence victims, but we quickly learned there isn’t enough funding to meet the increasing need. Often times these organizations are very specialized in exactly what they can or cannot do. Many needs fall through the cracks. Rachael’s bubbles exemplified her willingness to do anything, and drop everything, to help anyone. It is with her spirit that we find ourselves working hard to create as many bubbles of hope as we can.

No one at the Rachael Warrior Foundation receives a paycheck. We do our best to keep administrative expenses to a minimum, so your donations can be used to create as many bubbles as possible. Here are a few examples of the Bubbles your donations created:

Furnishing and appliances for new domestic violence shelters

Expenses associated with starting over in a safe environment

Beds for the children of domestic violence who were sleeping on floors

Rebuilding With Rachael – a program enabling survivors to get back on their feet, in collaboration with Haven House

Resources  and support for children whose parents were lost to domestic violence

Flights  and travel costs to quickly get a victim away from the proximity of their abuser

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