All for Rachael 

Our fearless team unites around their common belief that no one, no family, no community should go through what Rachael and her family went through. Our Board of Directors is committed to our mission of providing aid and support to those in crisis situations due to domestic violence.

The Board of the Rachael Warrior Foundation is a cross section of Rachael’s family and friends who were suddenly confronted with the stark realities of Domestic Violence.  They quickly realized the scope of the problem that had so deeply crushed their world. Confronted with the choice of turning their grief inward or finding some hope in a hopeless situation – The Rachael Warrior Foundation was born, 

Sitting at a kitchen table, A few friends decided that they needed to join the fight.  To rally more resources, to raise awareness and to tell Rachael’s story – A cautionary tale of the all too common results of Domestic Violence,

“No one takes a salary, we keep our costs as low as possible.  Our goal is to redistribute donations as effectively as possible, to directly help the people that need it NOW, to try and coordinate our efforts with other organization, and provide a greater system of support for those in Domestic Violence situations, to raise awareness of the widespread nature of this problem; and to try and help as many people as possible- knowing Rachael would want it that way.”

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