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All for Rachael 

Our fearless team unites around their common belief that no one, no family, no community should go through what Rachael and her family went through. Our Board of Directors is committed to our mission of providing aid and support to those in crisis situations due to domestic violence.

The Board of the Rachael Warrior Foundation is a cross section of Rachael’s family and friends who were suddenly confronted with the stark realities of Domestic Violence. They quickly realized the scope of the problem that had so deeply crushed their world. Confronted with the choice of turning their grief inward or finding some hope in a hopeless situation – The Rachael Warrior Foundation was born, 

Sitting at a kitchen table, a few friends decided that they needed to join the fight. To rally more resources, to raise awareness and to tell Rachael’s story – A cautionary tale of the all too common results of Domestic Violence.

“No one takes a salary, we keep our costs as low as possible. Our goal is to redistribute donations as effectively as possible, to directly help the people that need it NOW, to try and coordinate our efforts with other organization, and provide a greater system of support for those in Domestic Violence situations, to raise awareness of the widespread nature of this problem; and to try and help as many people as possible- knowing Rachael would want it that way.”


I have the pleasure of being Rachael’s mother  Even though she is no longer visible on the earth plane, I am and will always be her mother, her Warrior.  Witnessing my daughter’s domestic violence trials and tribulations provides me with the passion to end domestic violence for if it can happen to my daughter, it can happen to anyone!

Foundation President

Rachael’s Dad, like the other Board Members, took on his role as a direct result of Rachael’s tragedy.  He quickly learned that Domestic Violence is the most insidious, least spoken about, and most underestimated threat to the safety of women (and some men) in the country today. He holds degrees from UB and Houghton College, works in the Western New York Space and Defense arena, and has a new passion; “helping everyone possible”; changing their “tears into Bubbles”.

Foundation President

Ryan completed his Collegiate Career and knows he needs to be a part of this struggle.  He can see how the seeds of Domestic Violence can be sown anywhere; even in institutions of “higher learning”.  Raising awareness simply by his presence, and people’s understanding of his Sister’s story. Ryan wasn’t sure where this would lead but knew that someone must do something.

Board Member 

The Rachael Warrior Foundation motivates me every day, just like Rachael did, and continues to do daily. This Foundation was created in memory of Rachael, who would’ve helped anyone in the world. I’m passionate about telling Rachael’s story as I hope it educates, informs, and helps those affected by domestic violence. The world is constantly evolving, and I’m confident this foundation will also evolve and reach platforms around the world one day.

Board Member
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Having seen the pain that my friends have endured losing their beautiful daughter to domestic violence I am honored to sit on the board with these amazing people who are truly making a difference. While we work hard for the end of this horrific epidemic we vow to help those in immediate need get thru their personal troubles. I am humbled to be a part of an organization that truly makes a difference.

Board Member

If someone asked me to describe Rachael, I would say, a bubbly burst of happiness and beauty.  She was a friend to all, making time for anyone in need, and she never judged anyone.  I had the privilege of knowing Rachael almost her entire life.  It is an honor to serve on the Rachael Warrior Foundation Board.  I can’t help but feel our beautiful girl guiding us from above.  We end every board meeting with everyone coming together and shouting, “Tears to bubbles!!”  Rachael would’ve loved that.  

Board Member

Rachael and I have been best friends since I was 5 years old.  She was one of the most amazing people I knew. I am honored to sit on the board and help to keep her story alive.  She had a light that shined so bright that it can never be dulled.

Board Member
Board Member
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I was lucky to have been Rachael’s best friend before her passing. I will continue to cherish our friendship and empower other victims so they do not have a similar ending to their story. I have shifted my grief towards a different direction in honor of Rachael. I pursued my education by earning a master’s degree in Social work from Deamen College. I am currently a mental health counselor and a domestic violence advocate serving the community. I am honored to be a member of the board in Rachael's legacy.   “Good things take time; Remember who you are” ~ Rachael Jane Wierzbicki

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